A collaborative project with Timm[ie] Wong.

We both love the feeling of walking in the rain. The raindrops muffle out the noises of the world and soften any harsh colors. There is something special in the experience that we felt is often missing from our fast-paced lives. We hope that our project, Rain, can help share that feeling with others.

The Making of Rain

I worked on the visual design of Rain while Timm[ie] worked on programming and music. Most of the design process took the form of storyboards. This was where I started to shape the narrative and landscape. The endless possibilities made it the most exciting and nerve-racking part of the project.

The final environments were then created using two to three layers. Some scenes evolved and changed as we worked, but most stayed faithful to the sketches above. At this point most of the concepting had been done, so it was just the pure joy of painting and breathing life into each scene. Below is the city before we added the rain effect.

The animations were super fun to make. I worked on them whenever I wanted to take a break from painting. It was very satisfying whenever Timm[ie] brought a new one into the game to test.

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